Chord Gitar UB 40 - Kingston Town

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Chord UB 40 - Kingston Town
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Intro : A C#m D E (2x)

     A             C#m
The night seems to fade
        D               E
but the moonligjt liners on
          D            E    A  E
There are wonders for everyone
     A             C#m
The stars shine so bright
             D            E
But they're fading after dawn
          D        E        A
There is magic in Kingston Town

Reff :

    C#m     F#m
Oh Kingston Town
    G#m            C#m
The place I long to be
if I had the whole world
I would give it away
        B                  E
Just to see, the girls at play


     A        C#m
And when I am king,
       D                 E
surely I would need a queen
      D           E       A       E
And a palace and everything, yeah
    A        C#m
And now I am king,
        D                  E
And my queen will come at dawn
          D           E         A
She'll be waiting in Kingston Town

Music : A C#m D E (2x)

....Reff : ....(I)

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